Details for Adult Level 1 Sat Session 4-Spring (Aquatics)

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Web Registration Dates General Member Fee: 01/07/2019 @ 12:00A - 03/30/2019 @ 8:30A
Full Member of the Rec.: 01/07/2019 @ 12:00A - 03/30/2019 @ 8:30A
This activity has a prerequisite of Pass Type(s): Two Adults, 2 Adults (ANN), 2 Adults (BNKD), 2 Adults (MNTH), HH Adult Fee, Special Circ., Guest Pass, Two Adults Milt, 2ADULT ML (ANN), 2ADULT ML (BKD), 2ADULT ML (MTH), HH Sr. Adult Fe, General, HH Child Dep, City Household, COH HH + Adult, COH HH+AD (ANN), COH HH+AD (PYR), CTYHH+RET (BKD), CITY HH (ANN), CITY HH (PYRD), CTYHH RET (BKD), City Single, CITY SGL (FREE), Summer College, Winter College, Dive Tm Non Res, Dive Team Res., Guest Full, Guest Full, Guest of Genera, Household, HH + Adult, HH+AD (ANNUAL), HH+AD (BNKDFT), HH+AD (MNTHLY), Household (ANN), Household (BKD), Household (MTH), Sch Board HH, School HH + Ad, SCHL HH+A (ANN), SCHL HH+A (BKD), SCHL HH (ANN), SCHL HH (BKD), School BD Sngl, SCHL SGL (ANN), SCHL SGL (BKD), Instructor, Instructor CD, Instructor HH, Instructor SA, Grandchild 1wk, Grandchild 1wk, Grandchild 1wk, Grandchild 1wk, Racquetball, Pool, Basketball, Fitness Center, Grandchild 1mo, Grandchild 1mo, Grandchild 1mo, Grandchild 1mo, Racquetball, Basketball, Fitness Center, Military, Military (ANN), Military (BNKD), Military (MNTH), Grandchild 3mo, Grandchild 3mo, Grandchild 3mo, Racquetball, Pool, Basketball, Nursery, Fitness Center, Military HH, MT HH + Adult, MIL HH+AD (ANN), MIL HH+AD (BKD), MIL HH+AD (MTH), MIL HH (ANNUAL), MIL HH (BNKDFT), MIL HH (MTHLY), Single Tennis, Family Tennis, Family Member, Instructor, Inst. Children, Program Pass, SP F/ HH, SP F/ HH Adult, SP F/ HH Child, Single, Single + Dep, SGL +DEP (ANN), SGL +DEP (BNKD), SGL +DEP (MNTH), Single (ANNUAL), Single (BNKDFT), Single (MNTHLY), HH Adult NC, F/ Single, Sr. Single, Senior + Dep, SR +DEP (ANN), SR +DEP (BNKDF), SR +DEP (MNTHL), SR SGL (ANN), SR SGL (BNKDFT), SR SGL (MNTH), Two Sr. Adults, 2SR ADULT (ANN), 2SR ADULT (BKD), 2SR ADULT (MTH), SrCtr Caregive, Sr. General, Senr. Household, Sr. HH + Adult, SR HH+AD (ANN), SR HH+AD (BKD), SR HH+AD (MTH), SR HH (ANNUAL), SR HH (BNKDFT), SR HH (MNTHLY), Swim Tm Non Res, Swim Team Res., Teen Yng Adult, TEEN YA (ANNUL), TEEN YA (BNKDF), TEEN YA (MTHLY), 2Teen YA, 2Teen YA (ANN), 2Teen YA (BNKD), 2Teen YA (MNTH), UPG FEE AD 6MO, UPG FEE AD OVR6, UPG FEE DEP, Golf Daily Pass, Golf Temp Pass.
This is a Co-ed activity.
Open to These Ages:under 14 years and Up
Open to These Grades:N/A
Notes for this activity:The adult class is for beginners ages 14 years and up. The adult class introduces basic water skills such as the ones learned in the levels 1 & 2 for children.